Monday, April 30, 2007

From a Mollie Ziegler post over at the excellent poly-blog

This reminds me of the time I attended my church body’s National Youth Gathering in Denver. It was the type of gathering where they think that just because you’re young, you’ll want your normal worship replaced with overly emotive praise bands and pietistic, guilt-inducing messages. Anyway, we’re all in Denver’s McNichols Arena and they start showing us images of various sports teams. Cheers erupt from various parts of the arena as, say, the St. Louis Cardinals or Los Angeles Lakers are shown on the jumbotron. And then all of a sudden they had “Jesus” ride into the arena on a donkey. The message was clear. We weren’t cheering as loudly for Jesus — and we should have been. I remember thinking it was stupid and wrong. I’m reverential with my worship and I cheer loudly for the Denver Broncos.

Amen, sister! Except I don't cheer for pretty much any sports team, either. Millionaires in spandex. meh.

Worship for introverts is hard. Something that I think most churches don't get. Throughout my life well meaning brothers and sisters have tried to get me to be "ya know, more excited".

Ugh. Urbana was quite possibly the most un-fun weekend of my life. The Big Tri Annual Pep Rally for God.