Monday, September 17, 2007

One more coat of plaster...

One more coat of plaster on the kitchen ceiling and one more sanding and we paint. w00t...

I started ripping apart my kitchen ceiling two years ago when I replaced the roof. The roofers put in the skylight, but I was on the hook for the well. Then I decided to get rid of my horrible flouresent lights in the big box in the center of the kitchen ceiling.

One yar of building the actual drywall well to the skylight, which involved moving a bunch of wiring. Then a bunch more work to frame in with drywall. Then rip out the flourescents and wire up the new track lights.

Then spackle.

Some things you learn while spackling a ceiling:
  • Get just enough drywall compound on the tape knife.
  • Don't get crumbs in the mud.
  • Take as long a stroke as possible when you are spreading compound.
  • Heineken seems to produce less good results then Sierra Nevada.
  • Don't drop your putty knife on your feet when wearing sandals (it's ok, I missed).


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